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Red Tractor

Red Tractor is the largest food assurance scheme in the UK. It claims to ensure the food is traceable, safe to eat and has been produced responsibly. The Union Jack in the Red Tractor logo indicates the food has been farmed, processed and packed in the UK. Red Tractor cover an extensive range of products, including meat and poultry, dairy products, breakfast cereals, and fruit & vegetables. Food producers, processors, contract caterers, wholesalers, food service and 78,000 farmers are the current members of Red Tractor scheme.


HACCP is an internationally recognised way of managing food safety and protecting consumers. All food business operators except farmers and growers are required by EU food hygiene legislation, to implement and maintain hygiene procedures based on HACCP principles. EU Regulation 852/2004 (Article 5) requires food business operators, including meat plant operators to implement and maintain hygiene procedures based on HACCP principles. This legislation replaced the Meat (HACCP) Regulations 2002.

RFG Standards - HACCP

RFG Standards - Soil Association Organic Certification


Soil Association Certification is the UK’s largest organic certification body, responsible for certifying over 70% of all organic products sold in the country. They certify organic food and farming, organic textiles and organic beauty products. Since 1973 their team has built up extensive practical experience and provide unrivalled support before, during and after certification.The Soil Association organic logo on pack is the most recognised in the UK and your customer’s guarantee that your produce meets the highest standards of sustainability and quality.


Halal Food Authority (HFA) certification is widely accepted around the globe and there is no known region where HFA halal certificate is not valid with the exception of Indonesia. HFA is in constant discussions with the authorities in Indonesia to finalize our mutual recognition arrangement and we expect it to be complete in the near future.

HFA is endorsed, supported and recognised by all major halal certification bodies in the world. Some of those organisations in global halal certification industry that have mutual recognition arrangement with HFA are as follows:

  • Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM)
  • Secretariat of Dubai Municipality – UAE
  • Majlis – e- Ugama Islamia Singapura – MUIS – Singapore
  • Central Islamic Committee of Thailand – Thailand
  • Islamic Dawah Council of Phillipines (IDCP) – Phillipines
  • Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA) – USA
  • Halal Food Council of Europe (HFCE) – Belgium
  • Halal Quality Control (HQC) – The Netherlands
  • Halal Correct – The Netherlands
  • Halal Food & Feed Inspection Authority (HFFIA) – The Netherlands
  • Halal Control – Germany
  • South African National Halal Authority (SANHA) – Southa Africa
  • Muslim Judicial Council (MJC) – South Africa
  • FAMBRAS & CIBAL – Brazil
  • Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand (FIANZ) – New Zealand
  • Halal Australia

HFA is officially appointed by Dubai Municipality to supervise, authenticate and certify specific consignments of meat of poultry to be exported to UAE from the UK. HFA halal export certificates exclusively issued for this purpose are a mandatory requirement for custom clearance at UAE ports of entry.

RFG Standards - Halal Food Authority (HFA) certification