Wide range of retail services

Relying on our extensive knowledge of market in EU, GCC and Far East, we offer a wide range of retail services to our clients all over the world. We help our clients to formulate new solutions or tailor the current ones to meet the requirements of target markets. We help them to globalise their products and enhance their market existence.

Integrated logistics

The most critical part of each supply chain system is integrated logistics solutions. Here at Russell Food Group, we offer an integrated logistic solution from the production plant to the retail shelf. This integration includes all logistic parts and are tailored to specific destinations in EU, GCC and Far East. Integrated logistic tend to decrease the final prices by removing unnecessary cost.

Export operation supports

Here at Russell Food Group we understand different customs requirements and regulations in EU, GCC and Far East. In fact Food stuff and beauty products are absolutely sensitive and that’s why extra special certificates are usually required. Considering all these complexities l, we help our clients to export their products and open new markets.

Provision of strategic sales plan

Having the right products for the right market is the key to success in getting locally made products to global market. Doing so you need to understand the market and have a plan to success. Here at Russell Food Group we help our clients to get an accurate market insight and have a strategic plan to develop a new product for specific target market in EU, GCC and Far East or tailor their current lines.

Category management

Extension of the product life cycle is one of the most important goal of every producer as they have invested a lot to start and maintain a new product line. The more they can extend the market life of that product line the higher Return of Investment (ROI) they will get. Here at Russell Food Group we manage our clients’ product lines by access them to different markets in EU, GCC and Far East. This way we also help them to hedge the risk of products market failure.