Our History

We started our activities in food and beverage market in 2004 by managing couple of poultry farms. By significant surge of global food consumption, we expanded our business into the trade of food stuff and established a worldwide supply chain network to meet the market demands. Considering the new waves healthy eating behaviour amount the consumers all over the world, we have focused more on healthy and organic solutions since 2015. Nowadays, our customers all over the world are enjoying our unique healthy and organic solutions and we have managed to build up one of the most reliable health and wellbeing global supply chain networks.


Our Mission

Due to our close access to the market and constant analysis of consumer’s behaviour specifically in the EU, MENA and Far East, our knowledge of market needs is always up to date. On the other hand relying on our extensive supply chain network, we are able to meet the identified market needs with the best solutions. Indeed, our mission is to maintain the most agile and efficient health and wellbeing supply chain all over the world to provide the most extensive ranges of solutions and meet the market expectations.


Our Credo

Working with the vast majority of clients all over the world, with different believes, cultures and
attitudes, have made us believe that transparency is the building block of each business relationship.
Moreover, commitment, loyalty, honesty and expertise in our services to our clients have always
helped us to keep life-time relationship to our clients.


Our Achievements

We are one of the active members of Manchester chamber of commerce. We also have a close collaboration with Department of Trade and Investment (DTI) offices in Manchester, London, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait City, Doha, Riyadh and Manama. We are also qualified for the Global Entrepreneur Program on the UK. In addition we have won several Enterprise awards in Manchester in 2017.