Russell Food Gruhe (RFG) is the leading British company in rearing, processing, trading and distributing luxury Halal poultry to the global market. Focusing on the high-end market in Europe and GCC countries (including KSA, UAE, Oman, Kuwait and Qatar), RFG picks the highest quality poultries from the selected farms in Lancashire, Yorkshire, Norfolk, Midlands and south west UK, process and pack them and send them all around the world. RFG provides a variety of luxury Halal poultry including Organic and Free-range Chicken, Turkey, Duck and Goose.

All RFG activities are compiled with quality assurance standards (including Red Tractor, HACCP, and FSA), ethical approvals (Soil Association Organic, Farm Animal Welfare Council (FAWC) and Islamic certificates (HFA, HMC).

RFG is delighted to offer the excellence of British Halal poultry to the world.



RFG’s mission is to provide the highest quality Halal poultry meat of different types including Organic and Free-range chicken, Turkey, Duck and Goose mainly to Europe and GCC countries. In addition, RFG source the poultry locally and fresh to focus more on optimization and quality. The ultimate mission of RFG is to revive the British poultry industry by exporting British Halal chicken to the global market.



Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays British farmers from growing the highest quality poultry. Therefore RFG’s vision is to get the British Halal poultry to the global market to reward the British farmers’ hard work. People in GCC countries deserve to enjoy the luxury of British Halal poultry meat. Also there shouldn’t be any place in Europe which doesn’t serve Halal chicken. RFG intends to bring Halal poultry meat to all the tables in Europe. We hope to see the day that all GCC households enjoy the luxury and healthiness of British Halal chicken and also no one is concerned about the lack on Halal chicken in Europe.



To bring Luxury, Pride and Purity to the table through the excellence of Halal British poultry meat.