Pride of British Poultry

Green Environment


Pride of British Poultry - Green Environment

British free-range and organic chickens are ready for the table in 100 days, unlike the fast growing commercial breeds, which are forced to ‘mature’ in only 39 days. The secret to good free-range and organic poultry is for them to spend most of their time outside getting around 30% of their food from grass and insects naturally. We have developed a system, which ensures our poultry spend most of their days outside, unlike many so-called “free range” systems where the birds hardly ever go outdoors. British chickens are kept in very low-density houses, which are open on to the ground and are moved on to fresh grass every week. None of our poultry are caged in any way and are free to roam happily across our fields.

Farming organically helps British farmers to produce in a more environmentally friendly way and we feel makes the quality of what we produce so much better as we keep it free of all the nastiness such as pesticides and genetically modified (GM) or cloned ingredients. Here in Great Britain, we value animal welfare and believe wholeheartedly that our animals should live happy outdoor lives. We aim to farm in an environmentally responsible way and are proud to be part of the UK Countryside Stewardship Scheme which helps promote and support a wide variety of wildlife on the farm.